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The beauty is that people often come here for the stretch, and end up leaving with so much more.

Here at Casa D Hot Yoga, we deeply believe in the effectiveness of our curriculum based on four unique class styles of Yoga and Pilates. The props and tools necessary remain the same, your own body, a mat, a towel, some water and a positive mentality. Using your own unique level of body strength and flexibility, you will slow things down and practice deep spine strengthening, compression and balancing in Bikram Yoga postures, sometimes held at a length of 30 seconds. You will also speed up the pace a bit and flow through various postures, maintaining awareness in motion through your breath and building control over your alignment to a now organically faster tempo. You will then be able to experience the best of both worlds and integrate both flow and longer stationary holds in Power Fusion, shifting from Vinyasa portions into a body series of some of the classic Bikram poses, back to Vinyasa, all in a fluid form from start to end. And on the days you want to spice things up and do some high energy core work and muscle toning, you will be led through a Hot HIIT sequence of Pilates based principles using high intensity interval training at low impact of course, going from a slow warm up, to abs, legs, core, prone work, and more. Providing safe and effective methods are our goals as teachers, catering to routine and set sequences to allow you to go back and reinforce the same areas you want to keep working on, but also supplying variety and perhaps new postures and exercises to keep the body guessing and to keep exploring new physical and mental possibilities.

Within the class atmosphere, we encourage you to breathe and listen, everything else in always optional. As students, you should always practice disconnecting from the world outside the yoga room. Let the teacher do the thinking for you, less talking more listening. But of course if at any point you need to communicate something to the teacher, simply raise your hand or make eye contact and he/she will come to you for support. Let yourself experience the class as whole, beginning to end, if at any point you feel fatigued or need a break, your teacher will guide you through a resting pose to allow you to recover slowly and join back in the practice once you feel ready.

Above all, if you are reading this you should congratulate yourself for having the interest in maintaining a healthy happy you. You are one class away from the start of an amazing new journey!

We can’t wait to meet you.


A community of yogis that inspire and support one another, creating positive changes in here, and out there.

  • Brittany Murphy
    Brittany Murphy Hot Vinyasa Instructor
  • Jenna Bey
    Jenna Bey Hot Vinyasa Instructor
  • Domenica Lopez
    Domenica Lopez Owner
  • Jesus Su
    Jesus Su Hot HIIT Instructor
  • Meredith John
    Meredith John Bikram Yoga Instructor
  • Ashley Crapo
    Ashley Crapo Bikram Yoga and Mat Pilates/Hot HIIT Instructor.
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