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What Classes do you offer?

Our studio has both heated and non-heated classes. Our main styles include Vinyasa , Bikram (listed as B60, B75 or B90). BikVin (which is a combination between Vinyasa and Bikram), Ashtanga Fusion, HIIT and Hot Pilates. We also offer some Pop-up classes such as Restorative, Yin, Hand Balancing and various workshops. All classes are low impact and create a perfect compliment within themselves as well as with any other physical activity you might have outside our studio. You can find our schedule on the main page.

How do I sign up for classes?

To sign up for classes you can do it through the website or the Mindbody app. Once you have selected the class you want to attend, it will give you some choices for payment.

Why are some classes unavailable for sign up?

Classes open up 48 hours prior. So if you see some classes as “unavailable to sign up” please check back closer to the date.

What is the price?

Our pricing will be listed on the app when you book a class and also in the page listed as “classes” . We offer new students a Monthly Unlimited for $49 (one time offer) or a Single Class for $18. After that, depending on how often you come, you can choose from either of our Monthly unlimited options starting at $99 or Class packages of 5, 10 or 20 classes.

What do I need to bring for class?

For all classes you will need your mat, large towel, small towel and water. Please sign up ahead of time and arrive at least 10 minutes early for class.

Do I need to sign up before I come?

We have limited spacing in our studio, therefor signing up is not required but it is encouraged to ensure your spot.


Congratulations on taking a first step in the direction of magnificent health and vitality. Yoga has transformed millions of lives for centuries: healing stubborn injuries, helping students maintain a healthy weight, alleviating symptoms of depression and anxiety, you name it.

Your first several classes might be a bit uncomfortable, but don’t get scared away! Your body has an immense ability to adapt to any situation and environment. Just give it a couple weeks and you’ll be feeling better. Healthier.
Happier. Within the next month, make it your goal to take class 3-5 times a week. Try the different styles and teachers to see what you resonate with the most. I know you have other fitness commitments, but let those slide, just for one month. This way you will get to really experience the magic of all our classes. I encourage you to talk to us, or any of the Casa D Hot teachers, anytime you have questions or thoughts about your yoga practice. We are here to help. Welcome to the Casa D Hot Yoga family!

Tips to help you adjust to a regular practice:

• Hydrate THROUGHOUT your day, not just in class
Water takes around 40 minutes to digest and absorb into the body. Drinking water at least an hour before class ensures you’ll be well hydrated in class.
• Hydrate with water as well as electrolytes (i.e. coconut water, sea salt & lemon). Not only does your sweat contain water, but also sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium. Be sure to replenish!
• Be patient with yourself. This yoga is a lifetime practice. Even when your body tells you no more kickboxing, no more weight training, no more running. this yoga will be right there with you. Take your time and be patient with your
• Commit yourself to stillness. Yes, it sounds so cliché, but finding stillness in yoga class is the secret to reducing stress & anxiety and developing focus & concentration. It also helps to keep you cool when the heat feels overbearing. Try your best not to wipe your sweat or adjust your clothes in class.
• Have fun and enjoy your class. Yoga is NOT about being flexible and holding the postures for as long as you can. Yoga is about feeling great inside your body and knowing how great your body is supposed to feel. No matter what kind of class you have, know that you’ll always feel better coming out than you did when you went in.

Is there a cancelation/no show fee?

Yes, there is a $5 No show/cancel fee. If you cannot make it to class, please cancel it at least 2 hours prior to avoid it.

How do I contact you?

You can text/call (954)899-0926 or email casadhotyoga@gmail.com

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