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What do I need to bring to each class?
For all classes: Bring a yoga mat (1/8 or 1/4 inches), a large towel to cover your mat and some water.
For Bikram/BikVin: Students tend to sweat a lot more in this class as the temperature is a few degrees higher than the other styles. If you sweat heavily, bring a second large towel to use during class or after class when cleaning your area and exiting the studio (your car will also thank you for this!).
If you have certain body limitations such as knee/ankle issues, or are maybe extremely tight, bring a yoga block or two to use as assist during some poses. Make sure to always check with your teacher on the proper use of these. In Bikram/Bikvin, we are very visual. We focus a lot on proper alignment and balance, using the mirror as a tool. Being able to see your joints in the mirror is very helpful and important (knees, ankles, shoulders, etc.), that’s why you will often see students wearing tank/no sleeve shirts to show the shoulders and shorts above the knees to show the knees and ankles in the mirror. These specifics on attire are a suggestion but not super necessary.
For Vinyasa: Blocks and straps are good tools to carry with your for a Vinyasa practice. This style is all about theme and variety and always being exposed to new poses and skills. So having a block and a strap handy can never hurt. Because we are in a continuous movement or “flow” during class, you might experience slipping depending on your mat and towel. Fancy mats that are made for non slip action can be quite pricey, so if you are not ready to upgrade your mat, a great alternative is a non slip towel! Yogi Toes by Manduka is our go to. It is a hot yoga towel with a rubber grip that grips perfectly to your mat and will prevent you from slipping.
For HIIT: We workout barefoot, so don’t worry about coming in sneakers. We also use bands and weights, so especially now we all that is going on in the world, we encourage you to bring your own props to use during class. Blocks and straps wont be needed in this class. The non slip towel mentioned above will also be a helpful tool during HIIT as there will be many movements that require you to travel around your mat and you might deal with slipping otherwise.
For Yin: This is a non-heated class and you will spend the entire class on the floor. Bolsters and blocks will be extremely helpful tools. If you cannot get a bolster, then bring a large sturdy pillow with you to use as support throughout the poses. Some students like to use eye pillows as well, these are not necessary but they are helpful for the relaxation aspect and they look like little rectangular beanie bags.
Attire for this class can be relaxed and comfortable, no need for dry fit or tight fit clothes.
Plan ahead and make sure you are well hydrated! Drink at least 3 liters of water on the day you plan on coming to class, and avoid playing catch up right before the class starts because the water will sit in your belly!
Above all, come to just have fun. Bring no expectations, fears or doubts. Know that every Yogi was once a beginner too!  All you have to do is breathe, everything else is optional.
What should I eat before and after my first class?

Everyone is a little different, just make sure to not eat too heavy before class, no food at least 2 hours before and replenish with lots of fruits and greens after class.

How often should I practice?

We recommend for beginners to come at least 3-4 times a week during their first month. This will help your body acclimate to the temperature as well as all postures practiced during class. After your first month is up, 2-3 times a week is ideal – though the more yoga, the better 😉

What are the benefits of Hot Yoga?
The benefits of practicing hot yoga are endless but here are some main ones:
Increased flexibility.
Improved muscle strength and endurance.
Improved vitality and over all energy.
Balanced metabolism.
Improved functioning of the skeletal, muscular, circulatory, digestive, respiratory, endocrine, and nervous systems of the body.
Circulatory health, better blood flow throughout the body’s muscles and joints.
Increased balance, coordination and focus.
Overall better you!
Why the heat?
In a controlled heated environment, muscles, fascia and connective tissue become more limber and elastic allowing for greater flexibility with less change of injury.
The heat will promote sweating which helps detoxify the body, flushing toxins, excess and junk.
Your blood will thin, which in return will flush your circulatory system and improve blood flow quality throughout the whole body.
The heat will elevate your heart rate, taking it up and down in a systematical way throughout the class, improving the cardiovascular system and promoting regulation of the metabolism.
The heated room will be a challenging environment in which you will build your strength, self-control, patience, will-power, determination and most importantly self-love. Qualities which will not only be put to practice on your mat but also outside in your day to day life.
First Timers/New Students

Make sure you book your first class ahead of time through our website. All our classes are beginner friendly – no experience necessary, so we suggest you read about our class styles and pick the one that you feel the most comfortable with.

Arrive to the studio 15 minutes early to have enough time to sign our studio waiver, set up in the yoga room and just relax on your mat for a few before the start of class.

You will always need a mat, large towel and a water bottle for all our classes (HIIT included).

Dress comfortably, dry-fit clothes preferably, nothing heavy like cotton as you will sweat a lot! You will practice barefoot as well.

During class, be okay with being a little lost and not being able to do every single pose. Try your best and make sure to always breath normally. Take breaks, as many as you need to and try to stay in the yoga room. As with most other activities, the more consistent you are, the more classes you take, the better! You will slowly begin to feel and see the changes, and your understanding of the practice will also improve with time.

Phones and smart watches: Unless you have a tiny newborn at home, are a doctor on call or have any type of unique circumstance, we highly encourage you turn your phones and watches off or on silent and place them away from your practice space. Disconnect for one hour, it will do you good! Checking phones and smart watches during class is extremely distracting to your fellow mat neighbors and your teacher, but if you ever have a special circumstance where you need to keep your phone nearby during class, please let the teacher know before class.

After class, make sure to drink lots of fluids and eat good foods. Any soreness or weird aches are usually very normal during your first month of yoga. If ever your feel a weird pain or have any concerns, make sure to talk to any teacher or staff at the desk, we would love to help.

Do you offer private 1 on 1 classes?


We offer private session for all our class styles.

If you are a first timer to yoga, we actually don’t recommend your first class be a private. Its a lot of information to take in, and being able to take a normal group class as your very first class, will allow you to experience a little bit of everything. Allow yourself to be lost and be okay with not being able to do every single pose. These things will improve with time!

Once you have a few classes under your belt, booking a private will be a great idea. With a bit of understanding and background knowledge, you will be able to bring in specific concerns, things you’d like to improve, and possibly new material you’d like to explore. The session is yours, you and the teacher will go through whatever you want to cover. And if you don’t really have an idea, then you can simply go through the “basics” of Bikram, or Vinyasa, etc.

We offer 60/75/90 minute sessions, prices vary, and teacher will depend on his/her availability.

Contact Dom for all inquires: casadhotyoga@gmail.com

Studio Guidelines

Please make sure you sign the waiver.

Please arrive 15 minutes early

Leaving front door open for late students is not guaranteed

If you cannot make it to class, you must cancel yourself out of class at least 2 hours before in order to avoid a $5 no show /cancellation fee

Yoga Room:

Please take your shoes o before entering.

Please turn off or silence your phone before entering the yoga room.

Be mindful of others and please keep your conversations to a minimun before class

Please be conscious of any fragrances, as some people have allergies.

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